Smt. Saritha Dilip’s enormous base of knowledge about the classical dance form Kuchipudi, its history and pedagogy came in handy in creating a vibrant Tele-film titled as “Tanishah Kuchipudi – Agrahara Sandarshana” which depicts the 16th Century dramatized true story of Rediscovery of the Kuchipudi Dance.

This tele-film engorges the audience and takes them to the world previous to their present, presenting them with a bird’s eye view of all things Kuchipudi.

This has been done through the story of how Kuchipudi art-form came about, their Choreography and everything right down to every piece of Jewelry that they wore back in the 16th Century.

The research, Choreography design and the Jewelery have all been developed and designed by Mrs. Saritha Dilip.

This Tele-Film was televised through the Doordarshan National broadcasting Television network (Doordarshan channel).

It has also won 4 Nandi Awards from the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh including the Golden Nandi Award given for the Best Tele-Film of the year 1998.