Performance Items

Smt. Saritha Dilip can malefluously perform upto over 200 different dance items. These can be done either individually or can be combined with each other in various combinations. It is a treat to the eyes of the audience.

But there are some classic items that have been significant to her over the years and those are listed below.

Major Performance Items:
1. Sri Krishna Jananam
The programme starts with a just born little Krishna. As the story goes, the little Krishna is the target for rakshasa Kamsa. In this struggle for saving the Little Krishna, the mother Devaki Devi goes through a severe torture and agony.

Kamsa ruthlessly throws the baby into the air to hold the little one with a sword. The baby Krishna disappears and MAYA SHANTI appears and tells Kamsa “Krishna is safe and living in Raypalle”. Kamsa astonished and searches all around for the newly born Krishna.

The dance drama continues to show the little Krishna being raised by Yashoda. The ballet moves on to show the mischievous acts of Bala Krishna with Gopikas. At the end, Krishna steels the cloths of Gopikas who are bathing and returns the cloths after getting apologies. The scene ends with Rasaleela.

2. Mahasakti
Mahishasura, the king of evil, demona and Rakshasas. Purandarudu the king for Devathas.
As puranas depict there was a war between Mahishasura and Devathas. In which the King Purandarudu gets defeated. The evil dominates the good. Mahishasura creates a havoc in the Universe. The Devathas, Sadhus, Maharishi’s and even Indra Deva were jolted by the injustice force induced to the life and humanity of this world.

Indra Deva and others run to seek help from Shiva and Vishnu. When Shiva and Keshava heard this they were angry and a spark evolved, which has taken a shape of a woman. From the lady’s body there was immense light evoked and she was fuly decked up. She laughed for which the whole world was shaken and Devathas were happy to see this and they praised “Parashakti” in ecstacy.

The evil Spirit dominated to the extent, that Mahishasura chased Indra Deva. Desperate Indra Deva seeks help from ADI PARASHAKTL The Goddess of power, strength and love appears in the glow of divinity and she accepts to protect and save Devathas.

Mahishasura appears and laughs at the females, this was an insult to the Goddess. Ammavaru releases arrows to give a warning to Mahishasura. His arrogance touched the peak. He ignores the arrows struck at him. He plucks each arrow like a small needle. Maha Shakthi could not control her anger. The King of Rakshasas could not hold his evil pride. Mahasakti tries to cool him, but he rises again and again to revolt in a battle with Adi-Parashakti. Yet, he rises to destroy AMMAVARU.

Mahishasura gets stronger to do counter attack on Aadi Shakthi. She uses her powerful sulam to pierce into the heart of the Mahisashura. Though the demon was hurt he rises to attack her again. The forces of Universe enter into her to turn into AADI PARASHAKTHI MAHAKALI and she holds him back with the sulam and takes a dagger and beheads him. The demon is killed. The peace prevails on Triloka.

3. Bhama Kalapam
Satyabhama, with all her ego and pride ignores her husband Sri Krishna, and then at a later stage she longs for him in Vipratanbha Sringara. She requests Sakhi Madhavi to go to Sri Krishna to make him understand, console and bring him back. For doing this favor, Madhavi asks Satyabhama to give her “MUNGERA” a precious jewelry, which is a pride for a woman to wear it. At first Satyabhama refuses, but later agrees to part with Mungera for the sake of Sri Krishna.

But, when Sri Krishna arrives Bhama continues showing her tantrums and she hits Sri Krishna with her beautifuly decorated plat. Later she realizes her mistake and offers herself at the lotus feet of Lord Sri Krishna. This Bhama Kalapam can be presented either in the form of a Dance Drama or in a Solo performance

4. Singi Singadu
Coming to the core of the story. Singi Singadu lived happily in the mountain region of tribes. Singadu got addicted to alcohol, After drinking alcohol, he use to abuse his family Singi did not like the idea of consuming alcohol by her husband. During her fight, resistance and struggle with Singadu, she breaks the pot having full of alcohol. Obviously the pot breaks and the alcohol spills all over the place. For losing all the alcohol, in anguish Singadu beats his wife Later, Singadu sleeps due to over intoxication. Singi was very much hurt and decides to leave the house and go away from Singadu to teach him a lesson. When Singadu wakes up Singi is not to be seen. He enquires about his wife, but never finds her.

Then, a group of girls meet him (Singadu) and suggests him to find his wife with the help of Yakshgana performers.Singadu witnesses Bhagavatha Performance. Here, Hiranya kashipu enters to pacify Prahalada. The chantings of Narayana Manthram was not liked by his father Hiranyakashipu.

The rakshasas throws Prahalada over the mountain Into the fire. The evil dominated. lt was neither dark nor day time. Thunder storm occured and lightening struck; The countdown begins, the Lion God emerges by breaking pillers for the final electrifying minutes..

While watching the Yakshagana of Prahalada Charitham, Singadu sees Goddess Lakshmi Devi in a disguised form of Chenchu Lakshmi trying to pacify Narahari in the form of Narasimha Swamy.
Now, here Singadu imagines his wife in the place of Chenchu Lakshmi and falls at the feet of Narahari and begs him to bring back his wife,. Narahari warns him not to beat his wife and look after her with care and love. Singadu gets back to his wife. Thus they happily lived ever after.