Nithya Priya – Indian Classical Dance Academy

With the primary goal of resuscitating and rejuvenating the pride of Indian Culture by conserving Classical Indian Dance Forms, in their perfect virtue, Nithya Priya Dance School was found at Hyderabad and is currently a one of its kind dance school that teaches these beautiful Performing Art Forms (Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi).

It began as an arduous dream in the mind of Smt. Saritha Dilip to uplift Women and Children that were of Poor Economic Background and take these dance forms to the masses. These dance forms generally rouse a kind of inspiration, youthfulness and joyous thoughts in the minds of people that often see, perform and participate in them. This feeling somehow needed to reach places, all over India. What better way to do it than start a dance school that would create waves of energy through its students? So it began!

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Inside a very brief window of time, the Academy has come to be perceived as one of the best Institutions in India, especially in Telangana. In acknowledgment of the Services rendered by the Academy in spite of the hardships endured by Smt. Saritha Dilip, the People of the state have encouraged the school to be what it is today which is – A Chief School of Classical Dance in India.

Scholarships received from CCRT New Delhi, to the Nrithya Priya students.

(Through Saritha Dilip) The age group of 10 – 14 years students received an award of Talent Search Scholarship.

  1. Kumari J. Mayuri- Kuchipudi 1998
  2. Kumari Anuradha—Bharathanatyam 1997
  3. Kumari Harshini—Bharathanatyam 1998
  4. Kum. Swathi J.Rao — Bharathanatyam 1999
  5. Kum. M.S Sruthi — Kuchipudi 2002

Senior Scholarship (Age group 18 to 29) One student Kumari M.H.Neeta Rao received for Kuchipudi from the HUMAN RESOURCES, New Delhi . Kuchipudi, Year 2000.