Smt. Dr. Saritha Dilip is perceived as a refined performer, an innovative Choreographer, a social Ambassador and a committed Guru. She is recognized as one of the leading exponents of Kuchipudi and Bharathanatyam – Classical Indian Dance Forms in the present time.

Saritha trusts in learning this performing art of Classical Indian Dance from various Gurus. She says “it has distinctive encounters.” As there is continually something to learn, “it is a sea of information.” She has learnt the Art of Dance from Smt. Dr. Uma Rama Rao, Sri Dr. Nataraja Ramakrishna and Sri Ramalinga Shastry.

Saritha has performed extensively in different dance Festivals, has given around 800 dance performances and is currently going strong by keeping up the style, exactness and musicality.

She has choreographed many Dance Dramas amazingly and assumed many lead parts. Indeed, even today her imaginative making of choreography, particularly in the Dance ballet is a significant astounding component and a delightful endeavor to watch.

Basically, it changes the entire air to create a sense of stupendous occasion. She has created performance oriented serials, documentaries and advertisements alongside her husband Sri Dilip Kumar.

Saritha directed numerous workshops in different Institutions as a Resource Person.

She is an empanelled producer of Mana TV, Doordarshan, l&PR Govt. of then A.P. and now TS.

Saritha’s instruction has been viably utilized as a part of making an awesome Tele-film titled as “Tanishah Kuchipudi Agrahara Sandarshana” portrays the sixteenth Century performed genuine story i.e. the Rediscovery of the Kuchipudi Dance.

This Tele-Film was broadcast through the Doordarshan National Telecom, Television Network. This likewise had won four Nandi Awards from the Govt. of then Andhra Pradesh, which incorporates the Golden Nandi Award given for the Best Tele-Film of the year 1998.

She performed the dance dramatization “Maha Shakti” on 500 different occasions on various stages and this effort has cleared its way for the incorporation of Saritha’s Achievement in the International Wonder Book of World Records. This is in itself, is a one of a kind breakthrough for Saritha. On April 17th  2015, Saritha received an Honorary Doctorate Certificate from the United Theological Research University and Research Studies perceived by the Christian Leadership University and Seminars, New York, USA. Subsidiary and licensed by Berkley University of California, USA.