I have created this website because my multitudinous creative circles need a platform to come together. A creative platform on the internet where all the things that I’ve done, am doing, and want to do can live. My name is Saritha Dilip and for the past 35 years it has been my mission to promote Indian Culture through Integral Indian Classical Dance forms known as Kuchipudi and BharathaNatyam.

You see people, I’m all about Dance, being an expression of Life. For me, life is all about being happy and spreading joy to others. What better way to do that than open a dance school? So I did! My dance school is called Nithya Priya. It literally translates to “the Love for Dance.” My dance school promotes young talent that does not have a strong economic background and really aspires to perform but need the right mentorship to channelize their energies. As of today, I have trained and taught Classical Dance to more than five hundred students.

Other than all the academic pursuits of Classical dance for which I have demonstrated my abilities, I have given more than a thousand performances of Kuchipudi and BharathaNatyam.
So, LET’S TALK. Talk about CLASSICAL DANCE, talk about that huge idea or project or goal regarding DANCE that you’ve got on your mind. Let’s brainstorm those CREATIVE new plans. Let’s Skype about that massive hurdle standing in your way… to LEARN CLASSICAL DANCE while throwing in some technical words from classical dance textbooks for good measure.

Sound good? Great. Talk soon!